The Artist

 How to become a Featured Artist


NOTE: The term ‘Featured Artists’ includes musicians, singers, actors, dancers, comedians, rappers, DJ’s and more. 


On tooGGee, artists of all backgrounds are allowed to upload and showcase original audio on Scan Beats. Members and Artists can become featured on tooGGee in two ways. ‘Artists’ can win a ‘Featured Artist’ account when they accumulate 1 million followers.


NOTE: Only an ‘Artist’ can be granted a ‘Featured Artist’ account. 




When any ‘Artist’ accumulates 100k followers, they are then granted a Free ‘Featured Artist’ account. ‘Artist’ will be notified via email and can also choose to decline the ‘Featured Artist’ account. Paid ‘Featured Artist’ must reach 1 million followers before being granted a free ‘Featured Artist’ account.


For paid ‘Featured Artist’ account holders, users are responsible for keeping their account status current. If/When the user’s account status changes due to lack of payment or failed payment, their account will revert back to ‘Artist’ after 7 days.  

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